GoMo Music: The Sounds of Healing

Scientifically-Based Music Interventions

GoMo Music™, The Sounds of Healing, evolves our BehavioralRx® personal concierge digital therapeutics to include an expanding scientifically curated library of music, sounds, tones, and vibrations to support patients, members, and caregivers with emotional and cognitive management of various chronic and complex conditions.

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Music Therapy
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Integrating Music with Medicine to Support Healing

This combination of highly personalized social, emotional and behaviorally strategic media enables music therapists and other health and well-being professionals to digitally engage patients in their “lived environments.” Lived environments, or unique remote and outpatient settings, enable multi-sensory activation and emotional stimulation, triggering recall and deepening impact.

Music Therapy
Music Therapy

How Does Music Therapy Work?

The integration of sounds into the GoMo Health outpatient care delivery model is based on scientific research of the benefits of music to extend and reinforce clinical, behavioral, cognitive, and emotional therapies that treat complex and chronic conditions including cancer, cardiac disease, diabetes, maternal/child health, and chronic pain and their often-associated mental and behavioral challenges including depression and anxiety, sleeplessness, chronic pain, and many others.

Your Brain on Music

The GoMo Health music library includes specific frequencies and harmonies that are proven to possess the most natural resonance and restorative powers.  These sounds have been researched, collated and managed by a team of musical strategists, composers, producers and clinicians.  Whether it’s a finished instrumental song or something simpler like the soft and repetitive beat of a drum, music and sound have the ability to engage with people who are in distress on a physiological and emotional level and connect with them in ways traditional written or verbal dialogue often fall short.

Music Therapy

Name YOUR Tune

In the GoMo Health push/pull model of personalized engagement, GoMo Music will deliver music and sounds based on the program participants’ expressed preferences, while at the same time enabling direct access to their own curated playlist to select the sounds they wish to hear in their moment of need. A one-word text entry from a menu of emotionally descriptive keywords triggers sounds to address that emotional need.

Individually Curated Healing Soundtracks and Playlists

Bi-directional bot creates dynamic custom playlists based on participant’s musical preferences

Full library of frequencies and harmonies researched, collated, and managed by music therapists, composers, and behaviorists

Emotionally resonant tones and vibrations

Keyword triggered delivery of the sounds patients need in the moment

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