Guiding patients through their condition management with gammaCARE™

The gammaCARE™ text message support program navigates patients through the management of their migraine and cluster headache pain. gammaCARE communicates with both existing gammaCore patients and those who are considering using gammaCore for treatment. 

During the course of this Personal Concierge program, helpful information is sent directly to users that is tailored to their specific needsContent includes both lifestyle messages for living with these conditions as well as information related to individual prescriptions.  

Lifestyle messaging includes: 

  • Condition Coping  
  • Emotions / Mental Health  
  • Daily Life Management  
  • Nutritional / Physical Wellness

Prescription messaging includes: 

  • Refill Reminders  
  • Voucher Scheduling  
  • Missing Patient Information  
  • Medication Administration
gammaCare Outcomes Report

Through this Concierge Care® program, gammaCARE engaged with over 4,500 people, gathering useful demographic data, information about their lifestyle challenges, and triggers for migraine and cluster headaches.   

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