Download our white paper created in collaboration with The Heart House, detailing their Cardiac Concierge Care Program and BehavioralRx®, the science used to implement it. Learn how the program measured a 98% medication adherence rate (versus 40-50% for the national average) and a 43% decrease in tobacco use following program enrollment.

This white paper details:

  • A day in the life of a patient experiencing telehealth behavioral therapeutics

  • BehavioralRx®: The Science of Precision Health

  • The Heart House Cardiac Concierge Care Program

  • How BehavioralRx was applied to the Heart House Cardiac Concierge Care Program

In this white paper, real-life use case and outcomes demonstrate that it is practical and possible to have a significant positive effect on health outcomes for people with life-threatening conditions, such as heart failure, while reducing healthcare costs. By applying an evidence-based behavioral science and telehealth system of remote care, patients and clinicians have a greater ability to achieve their desired goals.

Using Telehealth Therapeutics to Deliver Behavioral Cardiology White Paper Mockup