CARE Act Seminar Recap

By |Published On: June 11th, 2015|

The Caregiver Advise, Record, Enable (CARE) Act, a recent effort spearheaded by AARP, is poised to help hospitals and caregivers work together to provide better care for patients while they are not at the facility. The legislation focuses on designating a caregiver at check-in, notifying them of the patient’s movement through the health system, and instructing them on tasks they must take on after discharge. Technology, specifically mobile messaging, has the ability to help hospitals comply with the act and provide health care professionals with a way to deliver important condition information in-the-moment.

On June 9th, CEO Bob Gold and other members of the GoMo Health team led a seminar focused on how technology can be used to cost-effectively comply with the CARE Act, increase HCAHPS scores, and motivate healthier behaviors among patient populations.

During this seminar attendees learned:

  • How the CARE Act is affecting hospitals
  • Effective methods for engaging patients and caregivers outside the hospital
  • Strategic communications and mobile engagement tactics
  • How to integrate human and digital interactions into one conversation

Watch the seminar on YouTube below or download the presentation on SlideShare.

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