Engagement To Go: GoMo Health and The Art (and Science) of In-The-Moment Influence at the HIMSS Summit of The Southeast Conference

By |Published On: October 27th, 2015|

In today’s go-go-go world, it’s hard to get people to focus at times. Or is it? Important things like healthcare don’t need to fall by the wayside just because our lives have grown more busy and hectic. Mobile engagement holds the key to motivating, influencing and spurring customers into action by delivering personalized information at the time and in the format best suited for them. But how does one inspire a person consumed by the demands of today’s to-do list world to take immediate action? And more to the point, how can we translate that learning so that people want to receive health and wellness information specific to them and even follows up on the instruction of their healthcare professional?

I’ll answer those questions and more at the upcoming Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s (HIMSS) Summit of the Southeast 2015 7th annual conference in Nashville, (“the healthcare hub”). The Summit convenes industry leaders to share case studies, best practices and actionable “next steps” to address daily challenges and manage emerging technology solutions. Nashville is rapidly becoming the Silicon Valley of healthcare and so this year’s Summit focuses on how new and emerging technology can play an important role in healthcare.

We here at GoMo Health, a division of Gold Group Enterprises, are proud to be recognized and excited to join the Summit as presenters.

I’ll be leading the discussion myself and touching on the following topics:

  • Mobility Engagement strategies and methods designed to increase trust, credibility, and raise the believability of your brand.
  • The big difference between Human Responsive vs. Device Responsive Design.
  • The value and role of Little Data vs. Big Data.
  • Top 5 Behavioral Mobile Engagement Guiding Principles.
  • Top 5 Mistakes in Mobile Engagement.
  • How to Blend Digital and Human interactions into one conversation flow; the role of mobility engagement in the next generation call center.

Here’s what I hope the attendees take away from my talk:

  • Revenue and Reimbursement: How to take advantage of new reimbursement policies which compensate for deploying mobile communications under certain conditions.
  • Costs and Empowerment: How you can control your care coordination costs while enable your professional team to handle more cases and feel better about themselves and the results they achieve.
  • Time and Money: How using certain engagement protocols will reduce the need for patients/members to make unnecessary calls to you and your staff and/or ER visits which are not reimbursable
  • Audits and Satisfaction: How this can be used to meet and exceed state/federal HEDIS/STAR scores while improving overall patient satisfaction


Summit of the Southeast
Bob Gold “Engagement to Go: The Art (and Science) of In-the-Moment Influence”
Thurs. Oct 29, 3:30pm, Room 207A

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