GoMo Health and Schraft’s2.0, a specialty fertility pharmacy based in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey, have launched a new interactive program to support women and their partners undergoing fertility treatments.

Caren™ provided by Schraft’s2.0 is the go-to resource for patients seeking in-the-moment support as they travel the complex fertility journey. Breaking new ground through the use of patient-activated mobile technology, the program is designed to increase adherence to fertility treatment protocols and reduce medication misuse and waste. Evidence-based scientific methods derived from GoMo Health’s proprietary science, Behavioral Rx®, drive the program strategy, including:

  • Nurturing Technology: Guided Persuasion
  • Suggesting Technology: Intervening at the Right Time
  • Conditioning Technology: Reinforcing Target Behavior

The Schraft’s2.0 program utilizes several new features to our Personal Concierge™ solution, including:

Care Companion™ – This cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) provides credible educational content that is personalized and sequentially structured into sections and topics to promote independent patient education, engagement and treatment adherence.

Care Messages™ – Care Messages are delivered to patients on their mobile device throughout their fertility treatment and include content that is relevant to specific milestones along the patient journey. Care Messages contain links that guide the patient back to the Care Companion to learn more about a given step in treatment, medication or to provide a supporting tip.

Caren™ The Voice of Care – This Alexa-enabled skill responds to patient queries traditionally presented to care coordinators. Patients can verbally ask Caren questions through any Amazon Alexa device or the Amazon shopping app, and Caren in turn responds with specific, helpful information. Caren’s intelligence is fed by Schraft’s2.0 approved content, ensuring that patients are receiving the right information specific to their patient journey.

GoMo Chat™ – Much like a typical text conversation, GoMo Chat allows live messaging between patients and specific members of their clinical care team, enabling in-the-moment, secure conversations.

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Adam Hait, President and Owner of Schraft’s2.0 Fertility Pharmacy, says, “There is nothing more precious than the creation of a life. A woman who needs help conceiving puts a lot of faith in her clinical support team. And that is why as a specialty pharmacy, we chose to partner with GoMo Health and launch the first ever Concierge Care program for women undergoing fertility treatment. The GoMo Health Personal Concierge care program is the game changer in the patient journey for these women and their families that I have been looking for.”

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provided by Schraft’s2.0
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