Personal Concierge™

A virtual care coordinator that offers personalized support, interactively guiding patients and members through their healthcare journey.

Reducing the cost of healthcare delivery through patient activation

Personal Concierge is uniquely designed to simplify complex clinical protocols into step-by-step, snackable bites of digestible information to ensure higher patient compliance with remote care directives.

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The science and method of patient activation is as important to outcomes as the clinical protocols themselves. Using BehavioralRx®, a proprietary emerging science, GoMo Health personalizes engagement by leveraging proven cognitive and psychological techniques to stimulate in-the-moment actions.

The components of Personal Concierge for population health

Personal Concierge communicates with patients and caregivers pre- and post-discharge to ensure early detection of issues and increased compliance with self-care. By delivering condition-specific and wellness education to patient populations, clinical care teams can scale their services while motivating patients to more effectively self-manage their conditions.

Care Messages™ are delivered to patients on their mobile device throughout their treatment and include content that is relevant to specific milestones along the patient journey. Care Messages may contain links that will guide the patient back to the GoMo Health Care Companion™, or another supporting source, to learn more about a given step in treatment or medication. Care Messages may also include educational resources, motivational tips, reminders, alerts, and assessments all personalized to the individuals care plan or comorbidities.

This Alexa-enabled skill responds to patient queries traditionally presented to care coordinators. Patients can easily ask Caren™ questions through any Amazon Alexa device or the Alexa app. Caren is readily available at a patient’s verbal request to answer questions and respond with specific, helpful information. Caren’s responses align with organization-approved content, ensuring that patients are receiving the right information specific to their patient journey.

Much like typical text messaging, GoMo Chat™ allows for real-time communication between patients and specific members of their clinical care team, enabling in-the-moment conversations via our secure web-based portal.

This cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) provides credible educational content that is personalized and sequentially structured into sections and topics to promote independent education and learning, engagement and treatment adherence.

This solution is right for your organization if your needs include:


Remote care plan coordination

Patient self-care compliance

Patient reported outcomes

Increased reimbursements

Readmission reduction

Scaled services for clinical care teams

Increased joy in practice

Improved patient satisfaction

Population health management

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