Personal Concierge™

Personal Concierge™
Be the driving force behind
your patient’s and member’s healthy lifestyles.

Out of sight doesn’t have to mean
out of reach.

Empower customers with remote care management tools, enabling them to make positive health and wellness decisions via “in-the-moment” engagement, extending your reach and actively involving them in their continuum of care.

Transition care content supports discharge protocols reducing unnecessary readmissions and cost of care, and increasing patient satisfaction.

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Patient Transition Support Text Messages

Encourage adherence & healthy lifestyle choices — when and where it matters most.

GoMo Health’s Personal Concierge™ solution enable personalized, omni-channel engagement with content designed for each subscriber based on their self-submitted survey response. Health history, comorbidities, circle of support, condition knowledge, and compliance commitment drive the personalization to ensure ongoing engagement and increased adherence.

Personal Concierge™ is here to help.

Concierge Care® In Home


Send condition-specific and educational messages to patients’ mobile devices for easy access when they need it. Reduce ED visits with alternate resource options, well- timed health tips, and advice.

Patient Transition Support Motivational Text Message


Inspire positive wellness behavior and encourage patients to take an active interest in their health with motivational messages and relevant content targeting their specific condition.

Concierge Care® In Home


Brief high surveys and secure, HIPAA-compliant, two-way messaging help provide ongoing collection of data and information to help personalize patient outreach and engagement.

Concierge Care® In Home


Use text (SMS) messages to ensure patients schedule regular visits, follow up appointments, lab tests, procedures, prescription refills, and more — all from a mobile device.

Concierge Care® In Home


Leverage Concierge Care to encourage patients to remain on their health care plan with reminders to take medication, exercise regularly, refill prescriptions, and keep appointments.

Concierge Care® In Home


Provide proactive health care information based on CDC alerts, seasonal changes, required vaccinations, well care visits, and alternate care resources in a well-timed and personalized manner.

Experience GoMo Health Personal Concierge™
as your patients or members would.

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Benefits of in-home transition support.

GoMo Health Personal Concierge™ is used by healthcare organizations to reduce costs,
increase compliance, and improve industry rankings for metrics such as HEDIS, STAR, and HCAHPS.

  • Condition Prevention and Management

    Leverage personalized, data-driven, targeted messaging to support preventative and clinical care protocols.

  • Positive Motivation

    Apply evidence-based research to create custom engagement strategies that deliver resources to individuals how and when they prefer to receive them – further motivating response and action.

  • Readmission Reduction

    Empower patients and members to take an active role in managing their own health care with personalized engagement strategies that deliver condition-specific resources.  Improved compliance with healthcare directives allow individuals to self-manage their care as appropriate – reducing hospital readmissions and return physician visits.

  • Turnkey Integration and Big Data

    Integrate EMR, EHR, HIS and practice management systems via API to obtain real-time performance and response data and measurement metrics to drive continuous improvement and future outreach initiatives.

  • Real-Time Human Response

    Create a path for patients to take immediate action, be it scheduling appointments, filling prescriptions, seeking consultation, or following pre and post procedural directives — right from their mobile device.

Concierge Care® In Home

Program and content development.

GoMo Health understands that not every patient or member can be addressed with the same cookie cutter messaging and frequency, which is why we offer a number of customizable turnkey Concierge Care programs targeted at different disease states, wellness issues, special alerts, and member services.

Concierge Care Content Library Examples
Care Coordination
Member Services
Special Alerts
Custom Programs
  • Concierge Care employs text (SMS) messaging, mobile websites, and other technologies to deliver targeted condition information, general wellness tips, instructional videos, incentives, and more to members.

    Our Turnkey Solutions Include:

    • Emergency Department Diversion and Readmission Reduction
    • Prenatal Wellness
    • Baby’s First 15 Months
    • Asthma Wellness
    • Diabetes Wellness
    • Behavioral and General Wellness
  • Powered by our flexible platform, member services programs work to provide niche, at-risk groups with specialized remote care and help health care professionals address specific issues, such as onboarding and re-applying for Medicare/Medicaid coverage.

    Member service programs include:

    • Enrollment and Acquisition
    • Retention and Redetermination
    • Payment Reminders
    • Member Satisfaction
    • HEDIS Alignment
  • With our new special alerts engagement category, health care professionals can rapidly distribute need-to-know information to targeted populations for a variety of outcomes.

    Our Special Alert Programs Include:

    • Emergency Alerts
    • Ad Hoc Alerts
    • Environmental and Seasonal Alerts
    • Health Alerts
    • Weather Advisories
    • Air Quality Index Alerts
    • Community and Real-time Alerts
  • All of our Concierge Care programs are available for customization to target a member population’s health and wellness needs.

    Custom programs can be designed for any disease state, condition, wellness program, or desired outcome.

    Custom Services:

    • Custom content creation or utilization of your organization’s pre-existing content.
    • Our APIs can be integrated with a variety of back-end and EMR/EHR systems for improved data collection, population health management, and efficiency of care.
    • GoMo Health partners with a US-based nurse call center to respond to member questions and concerns during and after hours as part of our two-way text (SMS) messaging service.
    • Our solutions and content are available for both co-branding and white-labeling.
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