A New Approach to Behavioral Health: Download the White Paper

A New Approach to Behavioral Health: Download the White Paper

Many of the most beneficial mental health treatment options – psychotherapy, day programs, support groups, or specialized modalities like art therapy — share the same substantial shortcoming: Participants need to remain motivated to attend, and they need to incorporate learnings into their everyday lives. Even programs designed with reinforced care in mind face the significant challenge of providing meaningful support when the patient is alone.

Each year, approximately one-fifth of adults enrolled in mental health treatment programs drop out before completing their recommended course.

To combat these challenges, GoMo Health and Bridgeway Rehabilitation Services created and launched The Every Day Matters (EDM) program, a Personal Concierge™ system of patient care for mental health care management that serves as a model for increasing the efficacy and improving the qualitative experience of patients in any health care environment. Learn about the Every Day Matters program.

Over a six-month pilot, the program garnered significant increases in patient retention and revenue. The positive impact from Every Day Matters became evident almost immediately and has affected everyone involved in the care process: those providing care, those receiving care, and those paying for the care.

“It’s been as refreshing and fascinating for the staff as it has been for the patients, and I do think it could lead to sustainable change in the delivery of behavioral health care plans in the United States and other countries.” – Bob Gold, Behavioral Technologist and Creator of Personal Concierge

Titled, “Innovating Mental Healthcare: Leveraging Technology to Enhance Behavioral Health Outcomes,” this white paper provides an overview of the Every Day Matters program. It explores the characteristics of the program, including an in-depth look at the technology and community-oriented behavioral paradigms that drive it. The white paper also discusses the challenges and changing landscape of behavioral healthcare in the United States and outlines the results of the six-month pilot.

“Our intent is to begin to cause question, and then change beliefs, on how care coordination and population health management is executed for the behavioral health patient population,” says Diane Piagesi-Zett, Director, Sussex Community Support Team, Bridgeway Rehabilitation Services. “Creating and implementing Every Day Matters with the GoMo Health team opened eyes and minds to a rehabilitation care approach that is more portable and accessible in-the-moment of need when they are not in a healthcare setting.”

To download a complimentary copy of the white paper, click the button below.

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