“Each person should see themselves as though the entire world is in delicate balance and, with but one deed, he or she can tip the scales for good.” – Maimonides

Because of You, our GoMo Health team mates, and our friends, colleagues, partners, and clients who provide invaluable insights and continuously work side by side with GoMo Health, we collectively are making a real difference in the quality of life of people, families, and their children; for example:

  • For people with mental illness, we have stopped them from suicidal ideation and put smiles on their faces and continue to give them hope.
  • For new moms who are vulnerable and emotionally distressed, we have prevented them from doing harm to themselves and their babies.
  • For nurses and other healthcare professionals, we have brought back Joy in Practice by enabling them to spend more time practicing high impact care.
  • For people in hospitals, scared and intimidated, we have made their experience a little more comfortable and satisfied some of their basic needs quicker with more reliability.
  • In Kenya, Africa, the results of our first cohort of pregnant moms proved to significantly reduce pre-term births and complications, and in a conclusion survey 100% of the women indicated they would recommend Concierge Care to a friend.

How many people in life have the opportunity to make the world a better place to be for so many individuals? Especially those who are in real need of a helping hand and some laughter? In a few months, we are launching new programs that will have the following effect on lives:

  • For people experiencing the stress of cancer, we will be providing a nurturing and guiding experience during this difficult time of their lives.
  • After being discharged from a hospital post heart failure, GoMo Health will be there, hand in hand with the person and their family, helping them adjust to their new lifestyle.
  • For pregnant or post-partum women who unfortunately are addicted to opioids, we will channel the chaos for them, their babies, and the healthcare professionals who may not know all the resources and best practice protocols.
  • For people with Type 2 diabetes, whose life is way too up and down as they are struggling to manage their condition, we are introducing a new Concierge Care program with a Life Map (by Dr. David Bleich) that has shown to help people live a more emotionally and physically balanced and steady day to day life.

And just know, regardless of your day to day role and involvement with GoMo Health, You Matter, and we are all part of creating moments of joy and happiness in people of need. So please BE PROUD – BE HUMBLE – and BE READY to get continuously improve everyday so we can continue to grow the populations we serve and the outcomes we produce for people in all walks of life.

Thanks so much and as always, Kick-ass!!

-Bob Gold

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