Meet our Personalized Engagement Experts

Meet our Personalized Engagement Experts

Through the Building Blocks for Babies campaign, GoMo Health is putting you in touch with our team members who can help your organization with its own distinctive challenges.

Our perinatal experts have combined for over 100 years of experience guiding hospitals, health systems, health plans, and pharma companies in solving the unique issues that affect each of them.

Meet our experts below:

Hospitals and Health Systems Expert: Shelley Schoenfeld, Chief Strategist

shelley schoenfeldShelley has worked with more than 100 hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers, medical groups, and community hospitals during her career thus far. Her work with healthcare providers has brought her to 47 states, leaving only Alaska, South Dakota, and New Mexico left on her travel list!

Shelley’s specialty is providing a 5-star concierge perspective to the healthcare journey across the continuum of care, with an eye on elevating the complete experience for patients, caregivers and clinical care providers. She focuses her energy on strategizing a “better way” for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, patients and consumers within hospitals and health systems.

Since joining GoMo Health, Shelley’s concierge-style guiding principles have directly affected health outcomes, reduced cost of care coordination and readmissions for all stakeholders across dozens of health organizations – and won few awards too!

Click here to speak with Shelley about Hospitals and Health System solutions.

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Health Plans Expert: Alan Stern, VP of Healthcare Solutions

Alan Stern, VP of Health Care SolutionsAl was a true mobile pioneer at BellSouth and Lucent Technologies in the 90’s, having been the marketing lead on the launch of the Blackberry, Palm 7 and the Microsoft CE wireless platforms. He has consulted with every major U.S. Health Plan and worked with dozens of Pharmaceutical companies as well.

As Vice President of Healthcare Solutions, Al has helped with the conception and design of GoMo Health’s cloud-based Concierge Care platform for Health Plans, which delivers an unparalleled remote continuum of care for our clients’ members, whether Medicaid or Medicare recipients.

Designed to educate, motivate and interact with members, Concierge Care has been instrumental in increasing quality of care, member satisfaction, and HEDIS rankings. Concierge Care utilizes HRA surveys, risk stratified engagement and personalized communications to modify behaviors and improve health outcomes.

Click here to speak with Al about Health Plan solutions. 

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Pharma Expert: Elaine Oussoren, VP of Life Sciences

elaine oussoren


As VP, Life Sciences, at GoMo Health, Elaine brings experience in HIPAA-secure patient recruitment and retention, commercial support for personalized patient experiences and context driven patient support.

Elaine has worked in pharma on innovation projects that include solution delivery for marketing, sales, development and IT. Her expertise is in digital marketing, mobile platforms, patient outreach and population health.

Click here to speak with Elaine about Pharma solutions.  

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BehavioralRx™ Expert: Bob Gold, Behavioral Technologist and Founder of GoMo Health

Bob GoldBob Gold is one of the world’s leading behavioral technologists with more than 20 years applied research and development in the behavioral and cognitive science of human engagement, focused on motivation and persuasion; with a sub-specialty in digital health applications to human motivation, activation, and resiliency. Bob’s proven evidence-based methods provide a more personalized, disciplined, and nurturing experience within the framework of a person’s lifestyle and typical day while improving satisfaction and adherence; especially for complex and chronic conditions that include co-morbidities and difficult to navigate patient health journeys.

Some of Bob’s Personal Fun Facts:

  • Bob’s former entertainment company Magnet Pictures and its producers and directors won two TV Emmy Awards (for the opening animation on the Rosie O’Donnell show); and also specialized in creating and animating super heroes and interactive games.
  • Bob helped a rural town in New Jersey keep its farming heritage by buying up land (that was going to be developed by commercial real estate companies) and turned it back into a farm (worked the farm for 5 years establishing a Community Supported Agriculture program) and preserved the land forever by working with the local and state government in their Green Acres program.
  • Bob, for major Wall St financial institutions, simplified the visual user experience for complex multi-dimensional financial data to enable the average consumer/employee to better understand, make sounds decisions, and act responsibly regarding their 401K investment portfolio. This resulted in better outcomes for all stakeholders: the customers/employees, the employer, and the providers (banks/brokerage firms).

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Millions of moms and babies are in need of a support network to provide guidance and information, so they can better manage their health and life at home with their new family. We can deliver by offering them safe, easy to follow, personalized guidance. We are stacking GoMo Health’s tower of Concierge Care® solutions that are reforming the healthcare journey for Mother and Baby.

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