Watch the video above to hear Dr. Stephen Lazoritz, MD, CPE, discuss how BehavioralRx impacts the social determinants of health.

Everyone has a story, and when you listen to their story, you’ll understand not only their illness but their life. And knowing what a person’s life is like will help you treat the illness.

Personal Concierge looks at the emotional and physical needs of the patient and integrates them. One of the best parts of the platform is we learn more about the patient.

Social determinants of health can’t be generalized; they have to be individualized. By personalizing the social determinants of health, we know exactly where a person is, and we can tailor messages to them. These communications lead the patient to understand that you understand them, and patients all want to be seen, heard and understood.

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The BehavioralRx science has proven to increase human resiliency, resulting in better patient health outcomes, increased clinical joy in practice, and reduced physician and nurse fatigue.
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