GoMo Health has a Maternal/Child Health Program called Baby’s First with WellCare of Nebraska. The Baby’s First program is designed to support parents and caregivers in the care of themselves and their baby postpartum, both physically and mentally. The program also provides parents and caregivers with the necessary resources and information to best care for themselves and the baby. The areas that the Baby’s First program addresses include:

  • Physical needs, such as breastfeeding or proper Safe to Sleep.
  • Psychological needs, addressing the instances of postpartum depression and mental health illness in parents after the birth of the baby.

We enable people to forget less, or make remembering not as important.

Baby’s First is a bi-directional program, which means that we receive feedback from moms and are able to customize the response and the support that we can offer to them based on what they are telling us. A prime example of that is our inclusion of the Edinburgh Survey. Through the survey, we have identified multiple situations where moms reported that they were at risk of harming themselves or their babies. Once we receive that feedback, we immediately escalate to a nurse, caregiver, or case manager who could then directly intervene and respond and support the mom in the moment.

From an ROI perspective, Baby’s First was able to reduce ED visits, reduce readmissions, and reduce the overall medical costs for the baby’s first year of life. See the details here.

The Baby’s First program has positively impacted the clinical care team’s joy in practice because it has given them a resource that allows them to treat, care for, and be in touch with many more moms than they would be able to reach with a one-on-one in-person experience.

And that’s the value GoMo Health provides — ultimate mass personalized scalability.

In just one year, the GoMo Health Baby's First Program showed a dramatic reduction in cost of care per member per month for enrolled patients. Download the report today to read how the program is helping rural Medicaid babies in Nebraska.