GoMo Health Partners with Jeff Lefko Books to Integrate Storytelling, Language and Literacy Development into Maternal Child Health Digital Therapeutics

By |Published On: June 23rd, 2020|

GoMo Health remains committed to improving mental health while empowering patients, providers,  and caregivers to more effectively influence treatment outcomes. Most recently, we have announced a partnership with Jeff Lefko books, through which storytelling will be added to our digital therapeutic to teach parents, caregivers, and children important lessons about self-care and esteem, and lay the foundation for lifelong physical and psychological care management and self-empowerment.

Meet Our New Partner

Jeff Lefko Books is a unique healthcare communications company focused on health-related short stories to universalize the often complex and difficult realities of condition management and everyday health, making them more relatable and digestible for younger readers and audiences at large. In this partnership, the company will be working with healthcare providers to expand upon their branded storytelling materials to extend their reach in digital format via GoMo Health. This not only increases depth of engagement and relatability to these materials, it ensures that children, caregivers, and providers can access valuable healthcare management resources on demand.

Bringing Health Home through Storytelling

This partnership will also further extend the sponsoring hospital’s brand to the female head of household decision-maker target audience, with the goal of increased patient retention and communication post-discharge; this proactively addresses potential post-discharge complications and medical and emergency department readmissions. It will initially focus on improving maternal and child health outcomes, nurturing parents, caregivers, and children’s physical, psychological, language, and literacy development.

Storytelling and Health: What’s the Connection?

Hospital systems and care providers have long used storytelling as a means of increasing patient education and empowerment. Data published by Harvard indicates that facts are 20 times more likely to be remembered if they’re part of a story. Additional research suggests that people retain around 70 percent of information when it is given to them in story form and only around five to 10 percent when it is delivered via straight data or statistics. Think about contextualizing a set of facts in your own head to retain information—it’s usually in story form.

For populations that may have a difficult time grasping complicated data, or simply coming to terms with information that is difficult to hear, storytelling can make the healthcare delivery process more comfortable and “human”, thus improving patients’ engagement in their own care. One idea for care providers is to take past patients’ stories that create an inspiring narrative and integrate them into easy-to-understand works of fiction. Major hospital systems have already created opportunities for patients to offer first-person testimonial accounts of their care experiences.

The reality is there are amazing and inspiring things happening in healthcare every day that, if conveyed through proper storytelling, can be a game-changing resource for patient comfort and engagement. GoMo Health and Jeff Lefko Books are hoping to leverage the power of storytelling to help more and more patients.

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 “Now more than ever, healthcare delivery has an increased responsibility to adapt to on-demand patient needs,” said Bob Gold, Chief Behavioral Technologist, GoMo Health.

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