Music as a Supportive Therapeutic for Health and Healing

Music is often called a “universal language” that unites us and breaks cultural barriers. It brings joy to our lives, evokes memories, can bring tears to our eyes, and gives us goosebumps. But one of the most powerful things that music can do is serve as a supportive therapeutic for health, wellbeing, and healing.    ...

Living for Two: The Importance of Treating the Whole Patient in the Maternal Child Health Landscape

The importance of taking a holistic approach to treatment is becoming more and more apparent. When a person goes to see their care provider, they’re bringing their entire lives with them. Lifestyle factors affect practically every element of care, including access to providers and medications, compliance with treatment, health literacy, and many others. Within ...

Moments that Matter for Women’s Health

Women play a significant role in the complete family lifecycle. Mom, grandma, aunt, sister, friend, spouse, teacher, chef, driver, tear-dryer, housekeeper, professional – the list goes on and on. One of the most important roles that can’t be argued – is that women are the primary decision-makers when it comes to managing the overall ...

Top 3 Challenges for Medicaid Patients in Care Accessibility and Provider Engagement

Medicaid, by design, is meant to help individuals who lack traditional means to access full-service private insurance plans, whether it’s older adults whose Medicare plans don’t go far enough to serve their unique care needs or younger individuals on a fixed income or living below the poverty line who find care to be cost-prohibitive. ...

Examining the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Maternal Child Health

By now, we’re increasingly aware of the widespread health-related and quality-of-life impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on virtually every aspect of care delivery; however, the extent of the impact on each area of specialization is still being determined. There is, however, a growing body of research illustrating the considerable implications the pandemic ...

By |April 5th, 2021|News & Events|

Watch: Bob Gold Discusses Digital Therapeutics at HealthLynked Future of Healthcare Summit

The HealthLynked Future of Healthcare Summit is an invitation-only event for physicians and senior healthcare executives. Over three days, a select group of healthcare executives from across medicine came together to develop relationships and share industry insights. Watch Bob Gold, CEO and Behavioral Technologist, discuss Digital Therapeutics for the HealthLynked Future of Healthcare Summit. ...

By |March 23rd, 2021|News & Events|

Healing Whole: The Importance of Treating the Entire Patient during the Oncology Journey

We’ve discussed and reported at length the importance of treating the whole patient and addressing their biopsychosocial states in all areas of healthcare. Perhaps nowhere is it more important to address the totality of the impact of one’s condition than during the oncology experience. A cancer diagnosis brings unmatched stress and uncertainty that affects ...

How Clinical Trials Advance Healthcare

Every major breakthrough in modern medicine has only been rendered valid and applicable when tested and experienced by human patients. Whether it’s advancements in gene therapy, oncology, heart disease, diabetes, or any other disease states, these progressions are only as valid as their positive effects in human application. Clinical trials have become the principal ...

By |February 17th, 2021|News & Events, Pharma|

GoMo Health and American Heart Association Are Going Red Tomorrow!

On Friday, February 5, on the 18th Anniversary of National Wear Red Day® (aka Wear Red Day), women throughout New Jersey and the country, as well as schools, corporations, businesses, hospitals, towns, local and state legislators, members of the media, and people from all walks of life, will be wearing red, going red, and ...

By |February 4th, 2021|News & Events|

Outpatient Cancer Care: The Benefits, Limitations, and How Concierge Care Helps

The outpatient treatment model for essentially all conditions is, by default, less in-depth than inpatient care, but is a necessary and critical component of oncology that yields a variety of benefits. When it comes to the extremely time-sensitive and comprehensive nature of the oncology journey, these distinctions can make a significant difference in treatment ...

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