Project Description

edhi program

Using digital health information to transform patient care

The Emergency Digital Health Innovation (eDHI) Program at Brown University is an affiliate of the Department of Emergency Medicine of Brown University. eDHI’s mission is to use digital health to transform the care of patients with acute care needs – before, during, and after their visit. iDOVE2 is a brief emergency department introductory session and longitudinal automated text message depression program for high-risk teens being offered through a grant from NIH to Rhode Island Hospital, through the eDHI program.

GoMo Health Solutions Personal Concierge™


To determine the most potent combination of intervention components for preventing peer violence and depressive symptoms among at-risk youth.

Using Personal Concierge to prevent peer violence and depression

Every day for eight weeks, the GoMo Health’s Personal Concierge™ is utilized to send at-risk youth a message that asks how they are doing that day. Each individual is able to respond daily on a rating scale. Based on what they rate themselves, they receive a corresponding message back to help address their feelings that particular day. If they rate themselves at the same level for multiple days, they’ll receive unique messages each time, ensuring that the program is customized for their personal journey.

Participants can also text in with the keywords ANGRY, SAD, STRESSED, and HAPPY to receive specific messages about coping with those emotions.

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Results and reporting

The iDOVE2 program is running through 2023 and is a highly interactive program that contains custom reporting. GoMo Health is able to track whether or not the participants respond, who is not responding, what types of responses they are sending, and more.

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