Project Description

university of maryland health partners

Text-based campaigns designed to remove the barriers of good patient care

University of Maryland Health Partners (UMHP) is a Medicaid Managed Care organization serving members in the Maryland HealthChoice program. Their partnerships with healthcare providers strive to get rid of administrative hassles that can be barriers to good patient care. To help achieve this goal, UMHP teamed up with GoMo Health to launch a number of Personal Concierge and custom text-message based solutions to improve patient education, increase member plan renewals, and build a better relationship with targeted populations.

GoMo Health Solutions Personal Concierge™
university of maryland health partners

Our Goals

  • Improve patient education.

  • Reduce emergency department usage.

  • Increase member plan renewal.

  • Build a better relationship with member populations through targeted campaigns.

university of maryland health partners

Developing a Prenatal Personal Concierge™ Program

Utilizing GoMo Health’s interactive engagement solutions, University of Maryland Health Partners deploys baseline surveys to assess its pregnant members’ risk levels and put each member in a risk category that determines message content and frequency. Using Personal Concierge, University of Maryland Health Partners’ prenatal members receive health tips, educational information, and reminders to take prenatal vitamins and go to doctor’s appointments. Message content covers topics such as smoking, drugs, exercise, depression, diet, morning sickness, and are available in English or Spanish.

This program was designed to improve:

  • Mother and baby physical and emotional health

  • Postpartum healthcare education

  • Pediatric vaccine compliance

  • Relationship bonds between members and families

  • Family planning and birth spacing

  • Utilization of services

  • EPSDT and well-care visits

  • HEDIS scores and Star ratings

Medicare renewal and re-determination

Utilizing automated text messages, University of Maryland Health Partners contacts members who require annual state approval. Members are reminded of deadlines and provided with the information they need to ensure their program eligibility. Using this methodology, University of Maryland Health Partners was able to increase Medicare plan renewal and program participation.

university of maryland health partners

Increasing program
enrollment and member engagement

After attempting to engage the behavioral health/special needs member population via traditional methods, including individual phone voicemail that yielded low response rates, University of Maryland Health Partners deployed a phased text (SMS) messaging campaign. The primary call to action was a phone response to their call center in order for University of Maryland Health Partners to engage in a conversation with the member and schedule them for an appointment.

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