Community Concierge™

Community Concierge™
Extending well beyond traditional community outreach.

Become a part of the community.

Concierge Care takes community outreach one giant step further by extending patient-centered engagement well after they have left the health screening, fair, or other community education event. Collecting patient-specific data creates opportunities for ongoing engagement by sending prompts, tips, and reminders to ensure they stay on top of their personal health and wellness. By doing so, we create a pathway for increased interaction between providers and patients.

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Concierge Care® In Community

For the good of the community.

The benefits of patient engagement extend to all points within the continuum of care. Hospitals, health systems, and health plans appreciate the positive effects as they track reduced readmissions, increased brand awareness and improved patient relations.

Why do hospitals, health systems, health plans, and employers conduct HRAs?

  • Patient education and individual health risk identification.
  • Clinical service line and provider promotion.
  • Improve patient or employee health and wellness.
  • Reduce health care costs through proactive care management.

Share captured data easily.

In compliance with HL7 secure data transfer, Health Risk Assessment results can be seamlessly shared with participants or providers,
creating more opportunities for in-the-moment patient engagement and clinical service line promotion.

Text (SMS) Message

Send your patient or members test and screening results directly to their mobile device via a HIPAA secure link.


Securely deliver test and screening results to a patient or member’s personal email account.


Share community screening results with providers via HL7 compliant secure data transfer.


Integrate with EMR, EHR, HIS and practice management systems via API to obtain real-time data.

Experience Community Concierge™
as a patient, member or employee would. 

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Creating opportunities for health care providers and plans.

  • Community Outreach

    Actively partner with your community to create awareness and stress the importance of healthy living and appropriate health care management.

  • Population Health Management

    Improve coordination of care delivery across your patient population through streamlined collection and analysis of data, enabling safer and more cost-effective care.

  • Increased Market Share

    Schedule follow up appointments with affiliated providers in-the-moment as an immediate action step to collecting screening results.

  • Patient Engagement

    Share relevant clinical and wellness content via the GoMo Health Concierge Care Transition Support solution.

  • Remote Care Management

    Create ongoing engagement for service and provider promotion, pro-active disease state management, and readmission reduction.

Concierge Care® In Community
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