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Bob Gold is one of the world’s leading behavioral technologists with more than 20 years applied research and development in the behavioral and cognitive science of motivation, activation, and resiliency; with a specialty in the human factors of precision health and care coordination leading to increased activation of patients and clinicians.

Bob focuses his energy on recrafting clinical care plans into behaviorally-based remote care coordination, transitions of care, and telehealth patient engagement protocols to achieve a sustainable Population Health business model for health systems, health plans, pharmaceutical companies, and governments; reducing readmissions, collecting valuable ePROs (electronic patient-reported outcomes) and taking advantage of opportunities for CMS MACRA value-based reimbursements associated with the implementation of these programs.

Bob’s proven evidence-based methods provide a more personalized, disciplined, and nurturing experience within the framework of a person’s lifestyle and typical day while improving satisfaction and adherence; especially for complex and chronic conditions that include co-morbidities and difficult-to-navigate patient health journeys.

Bob’s BehavioralRx® and Concierge Care® suite of healthcare solutions has been shown to bring back Joy in Practice for doctors and nurses, enabling them to spend more time on high impact clinical work.

  • Emmy-Award Winner

    Bob’s former entertainment company Magnet Pictures and its producers and directors win two TV Emmy Awards (for the opening animation on the Rosie O’Donnell show), and also specialized in creating and animating superheroes and interactive games.

  • Community Supported Agriculture

    Bob helped a rural town in New Jersey keep its farming heritage by buying up land (that was going to be developed by commercial real estate companies) and turned it back into a farm (worked the farm for 5 years establishing a Community Supported Agriculture program) and preserved the land forever by working with the local and state government in their Green Acres program.

  • Simplifying User Experiences

    Bob, for major Wall St financial institutions, simplified the visual user experience for complex multi-dimensional financial data to enable the average consumer/employee to better understand, make sounds decisions, and act responsibly regarding their 401K investment portfolio. This resulted in better outcomes for all stakeholders: the customers/employees, the employer, and the providers (banks/brokerage firms)

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