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In celebration of our Concierge Care® Prenatal Personal Concierge™ program launching overseas in Kenya, we will be taking a closer look today at what motherhood looks like around the world. Come with us on an international journey as we explore traditions in different countries, and learn more about how we are creating a footprint in Kenya for prenatal health care.

Changing Pre-Natal Care in Kenya

GoMo Health has launched their Prenatal Personal Concierge™ support program in Kenya! At the Aga Khan University Hospital in Kisumu, Kenya, expectant mothers will now have access to educational support on their mobile devices.

The GoMo Health Prenatal Personal Concierge™ support program is a resource for pregnant women who visit the hospital for their prenatal care. The program is designed to educate and support them in a remote care setting.

During the duration of their pregnancy, Kenyan moms will receive 2-3 care messages per week via text message from Aga Khan. The care messages are educational, offering tips and guidance to allow them to manage their own health care and the health and wellness of their family. At the start of their participation, patients enter their due date and the program automatically calculates the week of their pregnancy, with trimester-relevant content sent to support the mother-to-be based on where she is in her gestation.

Learn more about the product’s impact on Kenyan women by clicking here.

A Royal Celebration in Thailand 

moms around the worldIn most parts of the world, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. In Thailand, however, Mother’s Day is celebrated on August 12. The significance of the date derives from Her Queen Majesty Queen Sirikit – it’s her birthday! Because the Queen of Thailand is also regarded as the mother of the Thai people, it is a natural celebration of mothers for the country. Celebrations in Thailand include a parade to the king’s palace, a presentation of flowers to Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, and Moms around the worldan evening ceremony at the Queen’s garden.


But Her Majesty isn’t the only one celebrated on August 12. Thai people take the day to thank their own mothers for her unconditional love. Following tradition, children kneel before their mother to show their love and gratitude. After presenting their mother with white jasmine flowers, mothers shower blessings over their kids. Charitable activities, donations and offering to monks are also traditional ways for children to celebrate Mother’s Day in Thailand.

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“Mom” in Different Languages 

Here are some translations of “Mom” in other countries:

  • Croatia: Majkamoms around the world
  • England: Mum
  • France: Mère
  • Indonesia: Ibu
  • Italy: Madre
  • Kenya: Mama
  • Netherlands: Moeder
  • Norway: Mor
  • Spain: Madre
  • Vietnam: mẹ

No matter how you say it, the significance is the same for us all: unconditional care, sacrifice and love.

Royal Motherhood: Similarities and Differences 

moms around the world
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There is something innately fascinating about the royal family. So fascinating, in fact, that an estimated 3 billion people watched the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011. One of the most intriguing aspects of Kate Middleton is her relatability, despite being royalty. Like most moms, Kate Middleton has had her fair share of truly down-to-earth mom moments, which reminds us that motherhood is the same no matter who you are. Motherhood is universal, even if you are one of the most famous women in the world!

Celebrate Your Own Mom with Us

Celebrate Mom with us from April 17 – May 14! Throughout the month leading up to Mother’s Day, Gold Group and its divisions, GoMo Health and 24K Creative, will be paying tribute to moms worldwide by giving away some great prizes, providing useful tips and fun facts and showcasing some of our favorite celebrity and Gold Group moms.

For more information about how you can get involved and to learn more about how we are supporting moms and moms-to-be worldwide in hospitals and at home, click the button below.

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Celebrating Mom: Because She Matters

Celebrating Mom: Because She Matters


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and to pay tribute, Gold Group and its divisions, GoMo Health and 24K Creative, will be celebrating moms worldwide from April 17 – May 14, 2017. Throughout the month we will be giving away some great prizes, providing useful tips and fun facts and showcasing some of our favorite celebrity and Gold Group moms.

GoMo Health is proud to support moms and moms-to-be worldwide in hospitals and at home with our interactive engagement solutions. Our suite of Concierge Care Products now includes Prenatal Concierge™, Bedside Concierge™ and coming soon…Discharge Concierge™. We’d like to salute some of our partners who are leading the way in healthcare with in-the-moment patient-centered solutions that are accessible from a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Leading The Way In Healthcare Because Moms Matter

  • The Aga Khan University Hospital in Kisumu, Kenya, our 1st international partner, is utilizing our Prenatal Personal Concierge support program as a resource for pregnant women who visit the hospital for their prenatal care. It is designed to educate and support them in a remote care setting with 2-3 care messages per week via text message for the duration of their pregnancy.
  • Driscoll Health Plan launched the Personal Concierge™ to their members, which improves both prenatal and postnatal care for mothers and their children. Concierge Care® is a part of Driscoll’s overall patient-centric approach to providing quality care which led to the Managed Care Organization topping the charts in Texas for STAR and CHIP well care visits in the child and adolescent categories.
  • Riverside Health has implemented our prenatal solution with the objective of improving prenatal patient education and reducing emergency department usage, and preterm births. Riverside’s prenatal members receive health tips, educational information, and reminders to take prenatal vitamins and go to doctor’s appointments.
  • Sacred Heart Health System in Pensacola, Florida partnered with GoMo Health to implement and promote Bedside Concierge™ within their Maternity and Women’s Center. The patients’ “in-the-moment” comfort care requests are sent directly to the appropriate department that can service them, including: extra pillows and blankets, fresh sheets, 24/7 food ordering, vehicle valet service and Monogram Maternity birth design services.
  • ViaCord is a leading provider of newborn cord blood banking services. They work with OB/GYN practices nationally to help educate expecting mothers about the option and potential benefits of saving their newborn’s cord blood following birth. After completing a basic survey, interested mothers will receive content related to their pregnancy journey. Patients receive one care message per week during the length of their pregnancy.
  • Hackensack University Medical Center at Pascack Valley will be our first partner to deploy Discharge Concierge™ this May. More news to come…

Learn more about Concierge Care by clicking here.

Tips For Creating Your Own Mother’s Day Celebration

Whether your mom lives nearby or far away, here are some ideas to make her day special:

The impact that moms have on our lives is universal, so join us and thank Mom in a big way this year. For more information on our Mother’s Day Celebration, click the button below.

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Announcing Our Concierge Care® Bedside Concierge™ Solution in the Maternity and Women’s Center at Sacred Heart Hospital!

Announcing Our Concierge Care® Bedside Concierge™ Solution in the Maternity and Women’s Center at Sacred Heart Hospital!

Together with Sacred Heart Health System – a member of Ascension, the largest non-profit health system in the U.S. and the world’s largest Catholic health system, GoMo Health has launched the award-winning Concierge Care® Bedside Concierge™ Solution. The patient-centered solution offers mobile, in-the-moment access to a “Bedside Concierge” through which patients can make non-clinical, non-emergent “comfort” requests directly to the departments that service them – expediting service delivery, offloading clinical care teams from non-clinical patient care and reducing cost of care.

Sacred Heart Hospital will first introduce the program to their patient guests in the Maternity and Women’s Center. Here they will offer services specific to new moms.

Comfort care offerings include:

  • Extra pillows and blankets
  • Fresh sheets
  • 24/7 food ordering
  • Vehicle valet service
  • Monogram Maternitybirth design services: birth certificate processing, lactation consultation
  • Questions and answers: circumcision, mother and baby discharge

Ian Freund, General Manager of Hospital Services, Sacred Heart Health System, says, “The Bedside Concierge is truly a differentiator for the patient experience at Sacred Heart.  Our commitment to a complete, person-centered approach to healthcare delivery is competitively more robust as we put the patient in control to access the “creature comforts” that will make their hospital stay the most comfortable and enjoyable it can be.  Our nurses and clinical care teams support this completely – they are excited to refocus their efforts on the clinical care they give to patients, which is where their passion and expertise lies.”

The person-centered program improves satisfaction universally – enabling nurses to focus on direct clinical patient care, increasing their “Joy in Practice,” a crucial component of the NIH’s Quadruple Aim. With HCAHPS scores weighing heavily on reimbursements, hospitals delivering a positive inpatient experience are better positioned.

To learn more about GoMo Health Concierge Care® Bedside Concierge™, click the button below.

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Increasing Joy In Practice and Job Satisfaction for Health Care Providers

Increasing Joy In Practice and Job Satisfaction for Health Care Providers

The health care industry comprises more than 10% of our nation’s GDP, making it one of the most important in our country.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, health care jobs are “expected to have the fastest employment growth and to add the most jobs between 2014 and 2024.”  By 2024, five million job openings will need to be filled by skilled healers.

With such a large-scale, powerful industry driving our nation’s health and growth, one would suspect that health care staff would have excellent job satisfaction — though that’s not necessarily so.

Health Care Burnout 

According to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, 54% of physicians are burned out and 37% of newly registered nurses are considering leaving their job. Furthermore, when asked about happiness at work, only 33% of men and 26% of women reported being happy at work in the 2016 Medscape Lifestyle Report.

It is because of statistics like these that the NIH is focused on adding a fourth component to the triple aim in 2017 – that of improving the work life of clinical care providers and increasing their Joy in Practice.

Finding Joy in Practice

According to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, “The most joyful, productive, engaged staff feel both physically and psychologically safe, appreciate the meaning and purpose of their work, have some choice and control over their time, experience camaraderie with others at work, and perceive their work life to be fair and equitable.” 

Three Quick Hit Ideas to Improve Provider Joy in Practice:

  1. Use time wisely. Where possible, re-engineer workflows to increase quality time with patients and leverage resources that allow providers to focus on delivering the clinical care they were trained to. Using any web-enabled device,  GoMo Health’s Bedside Concierge™ solution enables patients to make their non-clinical “comfort” requests directly to the departments that can service them – eliminating the “telephone game” of routing these requests through the nurse (call button), and alleviating the nurses as “middle men” in processing these requests, keeping them focused on clinical care delivery.
  2. Recognize Achievements of Employees. Employees who are recognized and/or rewarded for a job well done feel more appreciated, and are thus more likely to continue to perform at a higher productivity level. Putting a system in place to allow staff and patients to give praise to the staff they work with is an easy and cost-neutral method to encourage a continued job well done. “Staff Applause” is a feature in the GoMo Health Bedside Concierge™ solution, and patients regularly use it to praise the staff members who make a positive impact on their experience. This real-time patient feedback is then shared with the employee, their supervisor and human resources, and this data can be leveraged by the hospital to promote their employees and quality of work environment.
  3. Align organizational and employee goals. Most health care providers have entered the field because their passion is helping other people. Make sure that your organization’s mission is clearly defined so that employees can align their personal mission with it, and wherever possible, provide the resources for them to grow professionally and develop their skills even further. Nurturing employees’ personal career development will garner a greater sense of loyalty, commitment and desire to perform.

When staff members are happy in their jobs, health care organizations can deliver high-quality patient-centered care. To learn more about solutions for increased Joy in Practice, click the button below.

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The Importance of Health Screenings for Early Detection

The Importance of Health Screenings for Early Detection

As the old saying goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” While not prescribing apples by the bushel, healthcare experts have long touted the benefits of taking small actions towards an overall improvement in health. With a focus on population health management, health plans, providers and employers promote health screenings as simple, proactive actions that can lead to impactful results.

As a person ages, maintaining a record of basic, vital health statistics can help detect risk factors that indicate the potential onset of numerous painful, life altering and costly medical conditions, with benefits including:

  • Patient education and individual health risk identification,
  • Improved patient, member and employee health and wellness,
  • Reduced health care costs through proactive care management.

Yet population health management does not stop with the completion of the health screening — ongoing engagement with the population can lead to a healthier quality of life. GoMo Health Concierge Care® nurtures the individual post health screening with the Personal Concierge™, securely collecting patient data and engagement preferences and creating follow up custom communications and support by sending appointment prompts, health management tips and reminders to ensure the pathway to early detection and health management is continuously and properly navigated.

To learn more about how GoMo Health creates opportunities for health care providers and plans through Health Risk Assessments, click here.

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