Concierge Care® for Health Plans
Be the driving force behind your members’ healthy lifestyles.

Designed to educate members, increase quality of care, and improve HEDIS measures and member satisfaction, Concierge Care® utilizes health risk assessments (HRA) and behavioral communications to personalize and stratify engagement. The solution covers the entire continuum of care, from onboarding to post-event engagement, and enables health plans and managed care organizations (MCOs) to have meaningful conversations with their members outside the office in order to motivate adherence and healthy decisions.

Personalized Health Management Programs

Concierge Care offers a wide range of solutions to fit the specific needs of your member population to achieve the best results, including one-way text (SMS) messaging and email communication, secure two-way text (SMS) chat for condition management, bill payment and renewals, as well as appointment and prescription reminders.

Our customizable, condition-specific programs are available for any disease state, including Emergency Department (ED) diversion, asthma, diabetes, prenatal & post-delivery care, and much more.

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Areas of Care Outreach

Not every member can be reached with the same cookie cutter program, which is why GoMo Health offers a number of turn key and customizable Concierge Care® programs that can be targeted towards different disease states or wellness issues. Using risk stratification, we help care professionals target and personalize messaging so members only receive content and information most relative to their needs. Concierge Care employs text (SMS) messaging, mobile websites, and other technologies to deliver targeted condition information, general wellness tips, instructional videos, incentives, and more to members without the hassle of logging into a portal.

Our customizable, condition-specific programs are available for any wellness issue, including:

 Asthma Wellness
Baby’s First 15 Months
 Behavior and General Wellness
 Chronic Pain
 Diabetes Wellness
 ED Diversion
 Heart Failure
 Infection and Wound Care
 Lead Poisoning
 Prenatal Wellness

GoMo Health Custom Concierge Care Program

Powered by our flexible platform, member services programs work to provide niche, at-risk groups with specialized remote care and helps healthcare professionals address specific issues, such as onboarding and re-applying for Medicare/Medicaid coverage. Risk stratification and integration with backend systems allow messages to be personalized for better outcomes. With Concierge Care, healthcare professionals can deliver a variety of communications, including motivational reminders, wellness tips, surveys, and more. Our interactive, secure two-way text (SMS) messaging goes above and beyond by enabling members to get the answers they need in-the-moment, during and after hours.

Our member services programs include:

 HEDIS Alignment
Member Acquisition
Member Enrollment
 Member Satisfaction
 Retention & Redetermination
 Payment Reminders

GoMo Health Concierge Care - Behavioral Health Regiment

With our new special alerts engagement category, healthcare professionals can rapidly distribute need-to-know information to targeted populations for a variety of outcomes.

Our special alerts program allows health care professionals to make members aware of health and situational advisories, including:

 Emergency Alerts
Ad Hoc Alerts
Environmental & Seasonal Alerts
Health Alerts
Weather Advisories
Air Quality Index Alerts
Community & Live Alerts

GoMo Health Concierge Care Emergency Room Reduction

Concierge Care Content Library

Our vast library of condition-specific information, including messages, videos, tips, articles, and more, is all designed to help personalize engagement with actionable content that targets specific demographics, psychographics, or member risk states. Messages and other resources are offered in a wide variety of languages to better connect you with your entire population and improve your member education efforts, regardless of what language your healthcare consumers speak.

Custom Program Development

While GoMo Health provides a variety of turnkey solutions, we also offer analysis and development services to help health plans improve upon current member outreach and education efforts. All of our Concierge Care Programs are available for customization to target a member population’s exact needs and overcome specific obstacles. Additionally, our highly skilled system architects and restless creatives are ready to work with your administrators to develop custom programs designed around any goal, condition, or outcome.

Other Features & Services

API Integration

Our APIs can be integrated with a variety of back-end and EMR/EHR systems for improved data collection, population health management, and efficiency of care.

Call Center Partnership

GoMo Health partners with a US-based nurse call center to address member questions and concerns during and after hours as part of our two-way text (SMS) messaging service.

Brand Control

All of our Concierge Care and BehavioralRx solutions and content are available for both co-branding and white-labeling.

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