Project Description

electroCore develops proprietary non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation (nVNS) therapy for the treatment of multiple conditions in neurology and rheumatology. Their device, gammaCore® (nVNS), is a safe and effective non-drug treatment for adults who suffer from migraine and episodic cluster headache pain. Available by prescription only, gammaCore (nVNS) provides relief by gently stimulating the vagus nerve through the skin. electroCore sought new ways to increase adoption of their gammaCore products for headache sufferers.


  • Garner interest in the gammaCore product
  • Encourage migraine and episodic cluster headache patients to utilize gammaCore as a method of treatment to relieve pain
  • Improve the patient experience with gammaCore
  • Help guide patients through the management of their condition
  • Drive visits to the newly launched gammaCore website (

gammaCARE Text Message Program

Program Overview

electroCore and GoMo Health designed the gammaCARE Text Message Support program to guide patients through the management of migraine and cluster headache pain. GammaCARE is designed to communicate with existing gammaCore patients, and those who are considering using gammaCore for treatment.

Content used in the solution includes direct access to helpful information that is tailored to their specific needs, including:

  • Personalized lifestyle tips and resources
  • Instructions for use
  • Insurance information
  • Fulfillment and tracking updates
  • Refill reminders

Hub Service Integration

GoMo Health partnered with Asembia, a hub service provider, to integrate with their prescription management of gammaCore in efforts to optimize fulfillment communications and speed up the process from the neurologists’ prescription to getting it in the hands of the consumers.


Using an enrollment form, baseline information is collected from each subscriber to best tailor messaging to fit their individual needs, and subscribers choose the type of messaging that they prefer. The gammaCARE Text Message Program uses the responses on this opt-in form to create the program content and improvements for each unique participant.

Care Messages™

Depending on the condition of the subscriber, they will receive between one to four messages per week. Migraine and episodic cluster headache patients currently using gammaCore will receive messaging for 90 days. Considerers of gammaCore receive messaging for five weeks. There are two types of messages in the gammaCARE Text Message Program: Lifestyle messages and prescription messages.

  • Lifestyle messaging includes:
    • Condition Coping​
    • Emotions / Mental Health​
    • Daily Life Management​
    • Nutritional / Physical Wellness
  • Prescription messaging includes:
    • Refill Reminders​
    • Voucher Scheduling​
    • Missing Patient Information​
    • Medication Administration

Care Companion™

The go-to destination throughout the patient’s journey is the Care Companion. This cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) provides credible, educational content that is personalized and sequentially structured into sections and topics. This promotes independent patient learning, engagement, and treatment adherence.


The program includes a patient satisfaction survey and a conclusion survey. Both are designed to collect important data used by electroCore including overall satisfaction and effectiveness of the program.

Keyword Campaigns

GoMo Health worked with electroCore to create three keyword campaigns to accomplish the company’s objectives:

  1. Demo of gammaCore: GoMo Health created a keyword campaign that drives a patient/provider to a landing page with a demonstration video that gives detailed instructions on how to use the gammaCore and gammaCore Sapphire therapy. Because gammaCore is relatively new to market, correct application of the therapy is key to its effectiveness. This campaign ensures that patients know how to use the therapy properly, and helps clinics know how to train patients in the correct way.
  2. Find a Doctor: The “Find a Doctor” program allows patients to easily locate a doctor nearest to them that prescribes gammaCore. Patients can text in the keyword “FIND”, which directly sends a form that patients can fill out to find a headache specialist near them.
  3. Live doctor consultation: Patients are offered the ability to set up a live consultation with a healthcare provider by visiting a landing page ( After completing the phone or video consult with a healthcare provider, the patient can receive their gammaCore in the mail.


In the first two months, electroCore engaged with over 145 people, resulting in 130 visits to their website.

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