Concierge Care Personalized Health Management ProgramsPatient care has long been shared by providers, hospitals, and health systems, and to some extent the patients themselves. As the health care landscape continues to change from a care coordination, population health management, and reimbursement standpoint, so too has the approach to patient care. Concierge Care creates a powerful new care coordination and service delivery model that drives patient retention, cost of care reduction, and increased patient satisfaction by personalizing patient engagement to support and strengthen each stage of the continuum of care.

Employing proven psychology and behavioral communications, GoMo Health® has developed a series of scalable mobile outpatient care programs to target self-care and compliance issues faced by those with chronic conditions and other wellness issues. Each Concierge Care program mimics the tone and care delivery of actual health care professionals to produce better outcomes, saving your staff and organization time and money. Using tailored health risk assessments (HRAs), Concierge Care stratifies patients into acutely defined risk categories to target engagement to the specific needs of each patient population. Our library of patient education information and resources can be delivered in “snackable bites” throughout the day to motivate patients to more effectively manage their conditions and alleviate health-related concerns.

Our multi-prong approach aids hospitals and health systems in providing care for ongoing and niche areas with out-of-the-box and custom solutions, both of which can be tailored to address the exact needs and wellness issues faced by your populations.

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 Targeted Messaging – Personalize engagement with customizable messaging to better inspire action remotely.

 Actionable Content – Mobile-friendly content, images, and videos provide patients with a seamless experience, allowing them to access content on-the-go without the need to log into a portal or download and repeatedly access an app.

 Secure Chat – Alleviate patient and caretaker concerns in-the-moment and safely deliver patient health information with our two-way, HIPAA-secure mobile chat. Chat can be staffed either by your clinical care team members or our US-based, 24/7 nurse call center to ensure that concerns are addressed in real time.

 Rewards & Incentives – Improve adherence and encourage program participation with rewards delivered via discount offers, sweepstakes, or pre-paid, reloadable cards.

Chronic Condition Messaging and Content

 Create a proactive health care environment and build patient relationships centered on overall good health with in-the-moment engagement.

 Improve wellness, medication, and appointment compliance with timely reminders, regimens, and incentive programs.

 Reduce unnecessary readmissions through knowledge management and patient empowerment.

 Drive volume and cross sell services to patients with the ability to immediately react to their engaged responses.

 Promote events, registration and payment via prepaid wallet or pay-as-you-go.

Drive future outreach initiatives with performance and response data, ROI measurements, and program analytics.

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Concierge Care Content Library Examples

Concierge Care Content Library

Help your patients better manage their health by providing them with quality information that is both relevant to their specific conditions and easy-to understand. Our vast library of condition-specific information includes messages, videos, tips, articles, and more; all designed to help personalize engagement with actionable content that targets specific demographics, psycho-graphics, or patient risk state. Messages and other resources are offered in a wide variety of languages to better connect you with your entire population and improve your patient education efforts.

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