Concierge Care® for Providers
Bridging the communication gap between
patients, caregivers, and providers

GoMo Health Concierge Care

Patient care has long been shared by providers, hospitals, health systems, and to some extent the patients themselves. As the healthcare landscape continues to change from a care coordination, population health management, and reimbursement standpoint, so too has the approach to patient care.

Employing proven psychology and behavioral communications, GoMo Health® has developed a series of mobile inpatient, outpatient, and community education solutions developed to support the entire continuum of care. Whether in the community, in hospital, or at home, our Concierge Care® suite strives to produce better outcomes while saving your staff and organization time and money.

Concierge Care Personalized Health Management Programs

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Areas of Care Outreach

Go beyond traditional community outreach

Collecting data from community events creates unique opportunities for healthcare providers to continue ongoing engagement. Our Community Concierge™ solution extends community outreach well after the health screening, fair, or other community education event has ended. Follow up with members of the community by sending mobile test-results, personalized health tips, and reminders to ensure they stay on top of their personal health and wellness.

Concierge Care® In Community

Bringing hospitality to healthcare

Our award-winning Bedside Concierge™ solution is designed to address the non-clinical, non-emergent needs of hospital inpatients through their own personal mobile device. Patients can make real-time requests from a menu of comfort services such as room temperature, requesting meals, pet therapy, clergy visits, and more. Requests are sent directly to the hospital department responsible for fulfillment, offloading requests from nurses and allowing them to focus on clinical care needs.

Collect in-the-moment feedback from patients and use this data to improve patient experiences throughout the hospital or care center.

Streamlining Patient Education at Discharge

Automate and streamline state-mandated pre-discharge patient education through our Discharge Concierge™ solution. Empower patients by offering a fully automated, yet highly personalized discharge experience. Resources are accessible via any web-enabled device, allowing inpatients to review content at their own pace while noting questions for review. Completion of required materials is linked via API to the patient’s electronic medical records. 

Encourage adherence and healthy lifestyle choices at home

Deliver personalized messaging and content directly to patient’s when and where it matters most. Based on patient health history, risk factors, comorbidities, condition knowledge, and support level, GoMo Health Personal Concierge™ is here to help assess, educate, and motivate patients in-the-moment and in palm-of-hand. 

Core Features

Personalize engagement with customizable messaging to better inspire action remotely.

Mobile-friendly content, images, videos, and resources allow patients to access content on-the-go, without the need to log into a portal or download an app.

Alleviate patient and caretaker concerns in-the-moment and safely deliver patient health information with our two-way, HIPAA-secure mobile chat. 

Improve adherence and encourage program participation with rewards delivered via discount offers, sweepstakes, or pre-paid, reloadable gift cards.

Benefits for Patients and Providers

 Create a proactive healthcare environment

 Build better patient relationships

Improve wellness and medication compliance

Reduce unnecessary readmissions

 Drive volume and cross sell services

 Promote events, registration, and payment

 Immediately react to patient questions and responses

 Collect program data and analytics

Turnkey Programs

We offer out-of-the-box solutions for a number of conditions and disease states, all of which can be tailored or customized to target the specific needs of your patient population. Some of our programs include:

ER Readmission Reduction
First 15 Months
General Wellness

Content Library

Help your patients better manage their health by providing them with quality information that is both relevant to their specific conditions and easy-to understand. Our vast library of condition-specific information includes messages, videos, tips, articles, and more; all designed to help personalize engagement with actionable content that targets specific demographics, psycho-graphics, or patient risk state. Messages and other resources are offered in a wide variety of languages to better connect you with your entire population and improve your patient education efforts.

GoMo Health Concierge Care Content Library
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