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Managing the Stigma: Early Acceptance of Mental Illness in the Millennial Generation

Mental illness has historically been a bit of a taboo topic, however as times evolve, and with each generation, the stigma surrounding mental illness changes as well. In the United States one in five adults have a mental health condition, which is equivalent to over 40 million people. The young [...]

Mental Health Stigma in America: What it is, and How to Help

Despite the staggering statistic that one in four people will experience a mental health program in their lives, there is a strong stigma attached to mental illness. Stigma, or the negative stereotype associated with mental health, results in discrimination against an individual as a result of their mental illness and [...]

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The Bridgeway Perspective: Pioneers of the Every Day Matters Program Reflect on its Success

Diane Piagesi-Zett is Director of the Sussex Community Support Teams at Bridgeway Rehabilitation Services, where she oversees Partial Care, Integrated Case Management, Program to Assist with Transition from Homelessness, Community Support Services, and Supported Employment. Ron Allen is Program Director for Sussex County, and Team Leader of the Partial Care Program at Bridgeway Rehabilitation Services. [...]

Diving Deep with Bob Gold: Using BehavioralRx® to Create a Membership Model for the Bridgeway Every Day Matters Program

BehavioralRx® is the science of personalized patient engagement relating to population health. It is an emerging science that uses proven psychological techniques. The science has proven effective because it leverages emotional attributes and cognition to motivate in-the-moment actions at home, work, and play. […]

Diving Deep with Bob Gold: The Every Day Matters Program

GoMo Health and Bridgeway Rehabilitation Services created and launched The Every Day Matters (EDM) program, a Personal Concierge™ system of patient care for mental health care management that serves as a model for increasing the efficacy and improving the qualitative experience of patients in any health care environment. Bob Gold is a Clinical Behavioral Technologist [...]

A New Approach to Behavioral Health: Download the White Paper

Many of the most beneficial mental health treatment options – psychotherapy, day programs, support groups, or specialized modalities like art therapy — share the same substantial shortcoming: Participants need to remain motivated to attend, and they need to incorporate learnings into their everyday lives. Even programs designed with reinforced care in mind face the significant [...]

Every Day Matters Personal Concierge™: A Unique Member-Based Motivational Program

GoMo Health and Bridgeway Rehabilitation Services have launched the Every Day Matters Personal Concierge™ program, which delivers supportive and motivational messages to persons served at the psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery center. Every Day Matters is a unique membership-based program designed to increase attendance to rehabilitation appointments. How it Works All persons served at Bridgeway Rehabilitation Services are offered the opportunity [...]

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