Clients in Action: El Paso First & Driscoll Health

By |Published On: December 17th, 2014|

GoMo Health would like to congratulate two of our Managed Care Organization (MCO) clients on their great quality scores and performance in Texas.

In a recent interim report from the Institute for Child Health Policy, El Paso First Health Plans, Inc. and Driscoll Health Plan topped the charts in Texas for STAR and CHIP well care visits in the child and adolescent categories. The plans were ranked 1st and 3rd respectively.

Each of the well care visit categories the two MCOs were judged in measured the percentage of enrolled members in each age group who had at least one comprehensive well care visit with a PCP or an OB/GYN practitioner during the measurement year. For STAR Adolescent Well Care Visits, El Paso First achieved a score of 77.62% and Driscoll achieved a score of 73.48%. Meanwhile, the state rate was 64.21%. For STAR Well Child Visits El Paso First received a score of 89.29% and Driscoll received a score of 84.18%; the state rate was 80.18%. In each of the STAR categories, the smaller, non-profit health plans beat out larger names like Amerigroup.

We at GoMo Health are extremely excited to be working with these two health plans and admire their patient-centered approach to providing quality care. Through the integration of our health care platform, Concierge Care™, El Paso First Health Plans, Inc. and Driscoll Health Plan are able to provide their members with valuable patient education delivered via wellness messages to promote doctor’s visits and immunizations. We are happy to have been a part of their overall effort.


STAR Adolescent Well Care Visits (12-21 yrs)

1. El Paso First Health Plans, Inc – 77.62%
2. UnitedHealthCare Community Plan – 74.93%
3. Driscoll Health Plan– 73.48%
4. Molina Healthcare of Texas, Inc. – 72.41%
5. Superior HealthPlan – 68.13%
State Rate – 64.21%

STAR Well Child Visits (3-6 yrs)

1. El Paso First Health Plans, Inc – 89.29%
2. UnitedHealthCare Community Plan – 86.46%
3. Driscoll Health Plan – 84.18%
4. Amerigroup – 82.64%
5. Texas Children’s Health Plan – 82.48%
State Rate – 80.18%

CHIP Adolescent Well Care Visits (12-21 yrs)

1. El Paso First Health Plans, Inc – 66.67%
2. Texas Children’s Health Plan – 65.45%
3. Parkland Community Health Plan – 64.81%
4. Seton Health Plan – 63.75%
5. Community Health Choice – 63.50%
State Rate – 57.52%

STAR Well Child Visits (3-6 yrs)

1. Parkland Community Health Plan – 81.94%
2. Texas Children’s Health Plan – 81.51%
3. El Paso First Health Plans, Inc – 80.54%
4. Community Health Choice – 80.05%
5. Seaton Health Plan – 78.83%
State Rate – 75.85%

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Case Study: Increasing well care visit compliance for children and adolescents

Driscoll Health and GoMo Health used text (SMS) messaging to supplement existing member communication with actionable content. Read the full case study to learn more.

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