GoMo Health is excited to announce the launch of a new pilot study that explored a new approach to reducing preterm births. The study was conducted under the direction of the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) and included funding from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska.

In Nebraska, nearly half of the counties on average – mostly rural – have a higher percentage of preterm births than the March of Dimes national average of 8.1%. Access to care and resources are barriers in rural Nebraska that contribute to preterm births.

In collaboration with Drs. Amy Ford and Mary Cramer from UNMC, GoMo Health developed a Prenatal Personal Concierge program with content focused on helping reduce preterm births.

During the length of the study, the intervention group received standard prenatal care, a smartphone preloaded with the Prenatal Personal Concierge, and weekly contact with the Community Health Worker. Their results were compared to a control group that received only standard prenatal care and printed educational materials.

The intervention results provide evidence for extending prenatal care to improve birth outcomes. By blending human and mobile care coordination into one patient engagement solution, the study results are impacting these critical areas:

  • Readmission reduction
  • Population health strategies
  • Transition management
  • Remote care coordination
  • Employee Joy in Practice
  • Process improvement

Read the abstract and download the full study by clicking the button below.


White Paper: A Population at Risk Study

Successfully Leveraging Mobile Technology to Reduce Preterm Births