Utilizing the power of voice skills in healthcare

Schraft's 2.0 Caren the Voice of Care - Sending Commands via Amazon Alexa

Breaking new ground with voice-activated skills and virtual assistants for healthcare

This Alexa-enabled skill responds to patient queries traditionally presented to care coordinators. Patients can verbally ask Caren questions through any Amazon Alexa device or the Amazon app, and Caren, in turn, responds with specific, helpful information, serving as a virtual healthcare assistant. Caren’s intelligence is fed by Concierge Care® program content, ensuring that patients are receiving the right information specific to their patient journey.

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72% of people who own voice-activated speakers say that their devices are used as part of their daily routines.

Source: Google

Patients or members that use Caren enjoy these benefits

  • Ease of use – Caren joins the conversation in real-time, responding to specific inquiries in the moment of need.

  • Voice-activated links to additional care resources, including the Care Companion

  • Escalate questions or needs to the clinical care team or provider just by asking

  • Independent activation of self-care management resources

  • Decreased stress in care management

Caren is right for your organization if your needs include

  • Decreased cost of care management

  • A proactive approach to remote care management

  • Reducing unnecessary provider 1:1 sessions

  • Cutting readmissions or increasing adherence

  • Increased Joy in Practice

Voice Activated Resources

Populate Caren with responses to frequently asked questions or additional resources related to a care plan, medication, or disease.

Alerts & Reminders

Send alerts and reminders based on specific goals, variables, or user actions.

Escalations & Chat

Connect Caren with our GoMo Chat solution to offer 1:1 text message support when needed or route a voice call directly to a customer service representative or care team member through a smart device.

Send Additional Resources

Caren can send links via text or email with additional content or resources. Don’t have a place to house these resources? Read more about our Care Companion.

Educate Patients and Members

Keep patients or members better educated and informed throughout their healthcare journey by providing immediate answers to their questions.

Reporting & Analytics

Collect robust user data to continually improve resources and customer service.

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