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Increasing appointment adherence while collecting valuable feedback and data

The Heart House is a multi-location cardiology practice that serves south Jersey and the greater Philadelphia area and is affiliated with five of the most prominent hospitals and health systems in the area. They sought creative ways to increase adherence to pre-appointment instructions and capture feedback on in-office visits. GoMo Health and The Heart House partnered to create a simplified electronic user experience that satisfies electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO) measurement requirements.

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GoMo Health Solutions Personal Concierge™

Our Goals

  • Improve care coordination for patients with systolic and diastolic heart failure. 
  • Increase compliance with patient self-care in a remote setting.

  • Reduce ER visits and readmissions.

  • Optimize prescription adherence and timely fulfillment.

  • Improve patient preparedness and adherence to appointments scheduled.

  • Develop patient satisfaction measurement tool to satisfy ePRO measurement requirements.

Personal Concierge Program

In January 2019, The Heart House and GoMo Health launched The Heart House Personal Concierge, a Personal Concierge program for patients with systolic and diastolic heart failure, including co-morbidities of diabetes, renal failure, and smoking. The overall goal of the program is to improve on their patients’ condition, improving in key areas of weight, wellbeing, and optimism about their future quality of life. 


Patients at The Heart House are enrolled into the program when discharged from the hospital, in treatment for a condition, or prior to scheduled surgery. Using an enrollment form, baseline information is collected to best tailor messaging to fit individual patient needs. If patients identify on the enrollment form that they have diabetes, renal failure, or are a smoker, they are sorted into specific messaging tracks that are customized to their condition. 

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Care Messages™

Depending on the condition of the patient, they will receive up to 9 messages per week, depending on their diagnosis. Care Messages sent to users include both one-way push messages and action messages which require a response from the patient.

Care Companion™

The Heart House Concierge Companion is designed to provide patients with educational information, support, and assistance by integrating American Heart Association digital content. Care Companion resources are divided into different sections and are personalized to address each user’s individual needs.

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Program content includes

  • Medication management

  • Clinical management

  • Quality of life messages 

  • Device management

  • Peer stories

  • Health literacy 

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Appointment reminders to improve patient preparedness

In order to improve patient preparedness for appointments and increase the rate of completed appointments, GoMo Health created a messaging program using its Personal Concierge solution. The program targets patients who are scheduled for stress tests, unable to have caffeine the morning of the test. One message is sent to each scheduled patient at 6:00 am on the morning of their appointment, reminding the patient of their appointment and that they should avoid caffeine. The message is timed strategically to be received at the time of day when they are most likely to consume caffeine.

Improving patient experiences through feedback and surveys

GoMo Health designed a solution for The Heart House to gather patient feedback via a patient satisfaction survey. Patients can access the survey by texting the keyword to a shortcode. After they have completed the survey, they are entered to win an Amazon Alexa Dot. Based on the survey results, The Heart House will identify areas to improve in order to boost patient satisfaction.

In order to generate awareness for the survey, GoMo Health created a flyer which is shared with patients when they are in the office for their appointment. Additionally, the survey is promoted on the visit summary report that each patient receives at the end of their visit.

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