Project Description

Take a minute to watch this short, GoMo Health produced video used to help promote the Med-IQ Pain Management Program

Addressing the treatment challenges of patients affected by Chronic Pain or Cystic Fibrosis

GoMo Health worked with Med-IQ to created two patient education programs to support families, caregivers, and friends of those affected by chronic conditions. In 2016, the Chronic Pain and Cystic Fibrosis programs were launched.

Both programs accomplished their goals through the delivery of patient-centered resources designed to address the challenges of treatment adherence.

GoMo Health Solutions Personal Concierge™

Our Goal

Support individuals with Cystic Fibrosis and Chronic Pain, through the delivery of patient-centered resources.

The GoMo Health Personal Concierge programs for Cystic Fibrosis and Chronic Pain included…

  • Custom onboarding surveys for baseline data collection

  • Care Messages™ and two-way content delivery

  • The Chronic Pain program included two care messages per week for eight weeks

  • The Cystic Fibrosis program included two care messages per week for 16 weeks

  • At the end of the two programs, the participant received a program conclusion survey

  • Real-time data collection

  • Program promotion

  • Participant recruitment

Key progam takeaways

  • Chronic Pain affects the lives of short-time and long-time sufferers equally, with interest in support, management and education equal no matter what the length of time managing the illness.
  • Exercise, family life, sleep, social and work life are directly affected by the majority of patients suffering from chronic pain.
  • While the vast majority (82%) of program participants are not missing work/school due to their chronic pain, it is affecting their daily lives in various ways.
  • 75% of program participants who use medication to manage their chronic pain experience relief from their pain, supporting the opportunity for “pill plus” education and programming.

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