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MHANJ Mental Health Association in New Jersey

Connecting New Jersey residents with the tools to manage their mental health or substance use disorder

The Mental Health Association in New Jersey (MHANJ) strives for the mental health of individuals through advocacy, education, training, and services. MHANJ dedicates themselves to promoting good mental health for all New Jerseyans, reducing the barriers that prevent people from seeking or offering help and support, and building a stronger base of support and network of services for people with mental health challenges.

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Our goals are to empower program participants to:

  •  Engage with community activities

  • Increase independence

  • Decrease visits to ED

  • Maintain connection to treatment and wellness plan

  •  Use own coping skills to manage self

  •  Receive support for issues related to COVID-19

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GoMo Health leveraged its proprietary emerging science, BehavioralRx, the science of precision health, to build the program and determine the engagement strategy, approach, and content delivered.

The following behavioral and cognitive techniques were applied:

  • Influence Technology / Persuasion through shared decision making. 

  • Anchoring Technology / Cognitively connecting a desired action with an existing everyday activity.

  • Reduction Technology / Persuading through simplifying.

  • Tailoring Technology / Persuasion through customization. 

  • Nurturing Technology / Guided persuasion. 

  • Suggestion Technology / Intervening at the right time.

  • Conditioning Technology / Reinforcing target behavior. 

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Reaching New Jerseyans in a time of crisis

New Jersey Hope & Healing LogoTo support the increased need for mental health support as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NJ Hope and Healing Crisis Counseling Program (CCP) was created. The Mental Health Association in New Jersey collaborated with the New Jersey Department of Human Services’ Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services to offer the CCP through a (FEMA/SAMHSA) grant. Through the program, individuals are given free access to emotional support from trained specialists. Referrals and expedient phone access to crisis counselors and a variety of virtual support groups are readily available.  


Escalation and engagement with trained specialists

Program participants are able to speak with a specialist or crisis counselor via phone or chat, allowing MHANJ to reach people in their moment of need. Through immediate response and direction, the NJ Hope and Healing Crisis Counseling Program supports development of improved mental outlook and resiliency to fight through this challenging environment.

Personalized and consistent messaging for mental health and coping

Messages delivered through the NJ Hope and Healing Crisis Counseling Program are designed to address the emotional and coping needs of New Jerseyans as they face issues related to the coronavirus pandemic. Topics delivered via mobile device include:

  • Emotional support 
  • Tips to stay healthy 
  • Activities 
  • Facts and info  
  • When to call your doctor 
  • Tips to Cope  


Reducing high-risk behaviors with Personal Concierge

With Personal Concierge, participants receive between 3 and ten Care Messages per week, depending on various aspects of their unique situation. Messages include informational and motivational support that touches on several areas of life, including a person’s life skills, lifestyle, fun, and entertainment. Care Messages can be initiated by Call Specialists or two-way in nature, creating an environment of support at times where people are more likely to engage in high-risk behaviors.

Participant-initiated keywords include:

  • SMILE: Sends participant a message with a joke or quick game.
  • MOOD: Sends participant a “feel good” motivational message.
  • PEER: Sends participant a message with a story about someone successfully managing a similar challenge or experience.
  • SPIRIT: Sends participant a faith-based message.
  • HALT (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired): Sends participant a message to redirect negative feelings.

MHANJ HALT Message on Mobile Phone

MHANJ Connect On-Demand Keyword Message

Enabling real-time communication and support from specialists

Through GoMo Chat, call specialists can send participants secure messages to communicate and engage with them about their needs. Participants can respond in real-time and receive further information or resources that will be helpful to them in-the-moment.

Extending the engagement and advocacy of MHANJ

Through these programs, participants, caregivers, family members, or friends can connect with an MHANJ call specialist. Call specialists utilize both GoMo Chat and the GoMo Health Personal Concierge to act as a mobile/virtual care coordinator and life coach in conjunction with an integrated human and digital care coordination team.

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