Quality health care begins with the patient, not the device. Focus on providing better, more cost effective health care with a remote patient engagement system that encourages self-care, reduces unnecessary emergency department visits, and increases compliance.

90% of adults have a cell phone
81% of cell phone users send and receive messages
74% of individuals older than 65+ have a cell phone
70% of cell phone users use their phone for 'just-in-time' information
# of messages sent/received per day with a household income below $30k per year
% of people with a household income less than $30k own a smartphone
% of people over 55 that own a smartphone
  • Track 1: Acquisition

    Lead nurturing and acquisition: Through the GoMo Health platform patients and members will be able to driven into programs many ways, including text keyword, QR codes, web-based optin forms, pre-populated optin direct mail programs, and other live events.

  • Track 2: Onboarding

    Member Stratification: Segmentation of campaign messaging allows for greater targeting and relevancy to patients. Targeted messaging can include payment reminders, loyalty & rewards programs, member satisfaction & retention initiatives, and plan updates.

  • Track 3: Wellcare

    General Wellness: Send Care Messages™ with seasonal & regular healthy tips, prescription & appointment reminders, general health education, as well as live events as needed.

  • Track 4: Condition Specific

    Concierge Care Programs: GoMo Health has developed a library of content targeting many chronic conditions faced by people every day with “snack sized” actionable guidance. Regimented surveys and quizzes help ensure usefulness and retention of information as well.

  • Track 5: ED Diversion

    ER Reduction: As healthcare costs rise, education and intervention of unnecessary and repeated visits to the emergency room are among the core focus of the Concierge Care programs. Acting as a resource for emergency room alternatives, discharge education, and live two-way intervention GoMo Health is unparalleled.

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