Healthcare delivery to America’s rural population – estimated to comprise approximately 20%– is an ongoing challenge.  With specialty healthcare services primarily available in larger urban and suburban locations, rural dwellers who are lucky enough to access the care that they need must then manage the challenges with travel and cost to take advantage of it.  From transportation, to time off of work and away from family, to the psychological stressors of feeling isolated in an unfamiliar area without their standard support system, the struggles are ongoing to access and deliver healthcare to the rural population.

Enter GoMo Health Concierge Care, a telehealth care coordination solution delivered via a virtual care coordinator or bot who guides patients through their journey.  Secure connections between the patient and bot can be initiated by either side, providing clinical protocol support, life balance and motivational perks. With the support of the business rules driven bot, patients can get answers to FAQs (or ask a not so frequent question), clarify prescription directives in a “pill plus” type model, or request information to best prep for their live appointments.  Patient queries are escalated from bot to live individual, where “conversations can take place via text, email, voice, amazon enabled voice technology or televideo.

By leveraging today’s technologies for patient engagement and remote care delivery, rural populations can access state of the art, leading edge health care from anywhere – bringing them one click closer to the resources they need to stay healthy.

Read about GoMo Health’s partnership with OmniJoin in Becker’s Hospital Review:

Telehealth a Good Fit for Rural Population Health Management and Engagement

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