White Paper Highlights New Approach to Strengthen Mental Health Outcomes

October 10, 2018 (Asbury Park, New Jersey) – On October 10th, GoMo Health, a leader in personalized patient engagement, is taking part in the nationwide effort to bring attention to mental health issues by recognizing World Mental Health Day. In 2018, GoMo Health has worked to impact mental health treatment by creating the Every Day Matters program and publishing the results of the six-month pilot in an evidence-based white paper.

The theme for World Mental Health Day 2018 is “young people and mental health in a changing world.” World Mental Health Day aims to show the importance of creating more services and better care for our youths, and the issues they are experiencing the most. The acts of prevention, early interventions, resilience, available information, and services are the key factors in creating a healthy future for our younger generations.

One in five young people suffer from a mental illness, which equates to 20 percent of the population. Unfortunately, only about four percent of the total health care budget is spent on mental health. GoMo Health is combatting the mental health problems and stigma by creating innovative mental health care management programs, as well as raising awareness for mental health issues in America.

Bob Gold, Behavioral Technologist and Founder of GoMo Health, says, “Our vision for this year’s World Mental Health Day is to create sustainable change in the delivery of behavioral health care plans in the United States and other countries.”

An example of one of these programs is the Every Day Matters program, a Personal Concierge™ system of patient care for mental health care management. The program serves as a model for increasing the efficacy and improving the qualitative experience of patients in any health care environment.

Over a six-month pilot, the program garnered significant increases in patient retention and revenue. The positive impact from Every Day Matters became evident immediately and has affected everyone involved in the care process: those providing care, those receiving care, and those paying for the care. To share the impacts of the program and recognize World Mental Health Day, GoMo Health is offering a complimentary white paper detailing the program.

Titled, “Innovating Mental Healthcare: Leveraging Technology to Enhance Behavioral Health Outcomes,” this white paper provides an overview of the Every Day Matters program. It explores the characteristics of the program, including an in-depth look at the technology and community-oriented behavioral paradigms that drive it. The white paper also discusses the challenges and changing landscape of behavioral healthcare in the United States and outlines the results of the six-month pilot.

To download a complimentary copy of the white paper, visit https://gomohealth.com/bridgeway-white-paper/.

About GoMo Health:

GoMo Health® is a leader in population health management and patient engagement solutions that support the continuum of care, improved patient satisfaction and MACRA incentive-based reimbursements. GoMo Health Concierge Care® personalizes patient interactions using our proprietary science, Behavioral Rx®, The Science of Population Health, building trust and credibility to motivate higher levels of reciprocity and actions. In partnership with health care organizations worldwide, GoMo Health delivers a highly scalable and cost-effective solution for the management of high-risk, chronic, and complex conditions, enabling better self-management, healthy decision making, and improved outcomes.