Leveraging Behavioral Science and AI Technology to Advance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Healthcare

By |Published On: January 24th, 2024|

At GoMo Health, a core principle we uphold is the continuous improvement of personalized digital health management initiatives that actively address diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). This is exemplified by our recent recognition as a 2023 MarCom Gold Award winner in the Advertising/Marketing category for our 2023 campaign: Wellness Rising: Accelerating Healthcare Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

We are delighted to see the positive impact our innovative strategies are making on clinical outcomes and program participant and provider satisfaction.  

“This is such an honor,” says Shelley Schoenfeld, Chief Marketing Officer at GoMo Health. “A successful digital marketing campaign takes innovation, dedication, creativity, and ongoing monitoring once it’s live. This award is a testament to our ability to stand out from the endless content our audience views every day. Our team is proud of our work, and the unique opportunity to activate artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) in the solutions we deliver. This award recognizes not only our person-centered healthcare management solutions but also the successful creative storytelling and marketing of these resources for optimal utilization. We understand our audience and that helps us create awareness and engagement campaigns catered to the people who need them most.”   

As we continue incorporating advanced AI technology and engagement techniques into our programs and services to enhance personalized care, we are simultaneously contributing to the reshaping of the healthcare landscape.   

Wellness Rising: A Look at Impactful Programs Changing How Healthcare is Delivered  

GoMo Health believes that focusing on DEI while improving health outcomes for our most vulnerable populations improves health for all. We call it — Wellness Rising. This is propelled by ongoing events that have highlighted the healthcare system’s challenges in effectively serving an increasingly diverse population with ever-evolving needs. Consequently, global disparities and deficiencies in the access to and delivery of care have been brought to light.  

This drove our strategy to promote our efforts to empower those most vulnerable to manage their health, in ways that they can easily and equally access. Centered around bringing to life how our evidence-based solutions close gaps in healthcare delivery, the Wellness Rising campaign featured GoMo Health AI-driven programs directly impacting patient health outcomes, quality of life, and cost of care –and the ways care teams interact with and treat patients from diverse backgrounds.  

Supporting the Support System: Tools and Resources for Caregiver Self-Care 

Caregiver responsibilities often bring resulting challenges, manifesting in financial, physical, and social/emotional impacts that contribute to caregiver stress, anxiety, and distress. It is crucial to address caregivers’ needs, both physical and psychosocial, to enable them to continue in their caregiving role, as well as keep themselves holistically healthy and able to continue in their impact role for their loved one.  

Solutions in Action for Caregivers: 

The GoMo Health MyPlan Caregiver Support Program received a 2023 Aging Innovations Award from USAging, one of the highest honors presented by USAging to its members. Launched in collaboration with Sourcewise and initiated through grant funding from Dr. Venus Wong and Dr. Sarah Rosenbaum of the Clinical Excellence Research Center at Stanford University, this program was able to effectively address caregiver distress, mental health challenges, and social determinants of health to expand access to care and resources for both caregivers and persons cared for: 

  • 100% decrease in the average length of a hospital stay    
  • 76% decrease in the number of overnight, or longer, stays in the hospital    
  • 73% decrease in the rate of caregiver isolation     
  • 47% decrease in the emergency room visits that did not result in an admission    
  • 29% decrease in the rate of caregiver depression    
  • 13% decrease in the rate of caregiver stress   

Solutions for Parents and Caregivers of Children with Autism: 

The Early Intervention Concierge Program was launched in partnership with Amerigroup Georgia to support both parents and caregivers of children with autism (early intervention) as well as identify potential developmental delays (early detection) through milestone tracking, wellness visit reminders, and follow-ups. Since the program was launched, it’s measured:

  • 84,900 members enrolled in early detection (before a diagnosis) 
  • 5,407 program participants with an autism diagnosis enrolled in the early intervention programming 
  • 99.6% caregiver retention rate 
  • 39% reduction of ED visits 
  • 66% reduction of inpatient stays 
  • 87% of participants would recommend this program to a friend or family member with a child with autism. 

BehavioralRx® and The Benefits of Behavioral Science-Based Digital Therapeutics 

BehavioralRx, grounded in principles of cognitive science and human motivation and persuasion to stimulate action, is fast-tracking healthcare innovation by diminishing care gaps and optimizing reimbursements, personalizing care plans, facilitating care management transitions, and enhancing the overall healthcare experience – all by carefully evaluating human behaviors and how to build trust and credibility to motivate action. Behavioral is our proprietary application of behavioral and cognitive science to precision health, proven to increase human resiliency.  

Read the full press release here.

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