Spooky Health Care Facts That are Guaranteed to Scare You

Spooky Health Care Facts That are Guaranteed to Scare You

Health care is one of the largest industries in our country, and most healthcare organizations have a full staff of caring, selfless and brave people. Despite the overwhelmingly positive nature of health care, there are some areas for improvement. Below are some of the spookiest facts about health care – guaranteed to haunt your Halloween even more than vampires and ghosts.

For every dollar spent on health care, less than four cents goes towards public health and prevention. (source) With more than half of the American population living with a chronic disease, community-based prevention should be a focus of the healthcare industry.

44 percent of nurses worry their patient care will suffer because they are so tired. (source) Job burnout is classified by exhaustion, alienation from work-related activities and reduced performance. Learn how to combat nurse and employee burnout by clicking here.

Ischaemic heart disease and stroke are the world’s biggest killers, accounting for a combined 15 million deaths in 2015. (source) They have remained the leading causes of global deaths for over 15 years.

Nationally, nurses spend only 44% of their time on clinical care; the balance is spent on non-clinical support activities. (source: American Journal of Nursing) Learn how nurses can free up their time to work on more clinical work by clicking here.

The United States wastes about $765 billion healthcare dollars annually. (source) Sources of waste include unnecessary services, excessive administration costs, inefficiently delivered services, prices that are too high, fraud, and missed prevention opportunities.

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These facts aren’t going unnoticed. Health plans, providers, communities and pharmaceutical companies are implementing technological innovations to combat some of the toughest issues in health care. Here is a positive note to end on: Nurses at Pascack Valley Medical Center have recaptured over 300 hours of their time by implementing Concierge Care ® into their facility. Read more about their story by clicking here.

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